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Character Bios

30 Rock has a range of crazy characters on the show, it is what helps to make the show as awesome and funny as it is. So here is a quick rundown of them!

Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey

Liz is the head writer for TGS with Tracy Jordan, and is accurately described by Jack as a "New York third-wave feminist, college-educated, single-and-pretending-to-be-happy-about-it, overscheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says 'healthy body image' on the cover and every two years you take up knitting for...a week."

Liz is generally portrayed as something of a geek, so, although apparently a skilled writer, she seems to have precious few social skills. Jack has described her as "socially retarded." Liz has tried using to find a boyfriend.

Liz has a rather sardonic sense of humor. She has frequently been shown to be a stress eater, a trait she shares with Jack, and, although she is often seen eating junk food, she seems to keep her weight under control, perhaps because she doesn't seem to have proper meals. She is allergic to dogs and, apparently, cats as well as "anything warm and adorable." She has evidently won at least one Emmy Award.

Liz studied in Germany during her teens. She seems to speak fluent German; though it becomes obvious that she isn't fluent because she mixes up the verbs to sell and to buy (verkaufen and kaufen) and has difficulty understanding the German TV executives.

Liz has a strong aversion to unfairness and breaking rules. She also seems to have a weakness when it comes to maternal instincts. While Liz is generally calm in nature, she can get pretty violent when someone steals her food (i.e, knocking over a table when someone stole her macaroni and cheese).

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Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin

Jack is the Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming at GE. He is a slick, yet scrupulous network executive with an affinity for overtly backhanded compliments, which are usually directed towards Liz. His first priority is to run a successful business.

Jack is a Republican (initially supporting Mitt Romney) and a firm believer in capitalism, stating that "business gets me off" and that negotiation is his favorite thing in the world since it's, in his words, "the essence of capitalism." Jack's business background clashed with the show's staff when he insisted on having the show use product placement (or "product integration," as he calls it).

Citing Six Sigma, Jack has also tried to involve himself with the staff. Much to Liz' annoyance, he has even tried to "help" her with issues in her personal life, his reasoning being that the quality of her life will reflect the quality of her work.

He is apparently quite good at painting and, he is Irish Catholic, naming his fists after St. Patrick and St. Michael. He apparently dyes his hair and is, in his own words, "a gifted flautist." Jack collected cookie jars and displayed them at conventions using the alias "Victor Nightingale." He gave his collection to Kenneth when a PI told him that it could hurt his chances at getting Geiss' job.

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Tracy Jordan, played by Tracy Morgan

Tracy is the loose-cannon star of TGS with Tracy Jordan and a major movie actor that has starred in 15 films. Tracy is dim-witted, self-centered, prima donna with erratic behavior. This reputation is well-earned and much of it is an intentional attempt on his part to maintain his "crazy" persona in the eyes of the media.

Tracy is being treated for mental health disorder by Dr. Leo Spaceman, a doctor of questionable integrity and qualification who describes Tracy's problems as "erratic tendencies and delusions brought on by excessive notoriety and certainly not helped by [Spaceman's] highly experimental treatments."

Tracy also believes in a variety of bizarre conspiracy theories that assume the existence of shadow organizations or supernatural creatures such as vampires. One of the former (the "Black Crusaders," which includes Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby, Condoleezza Rice and Gordon from Sesame Street) seems to actually exist in the show's universe, and Tracy ran away from New York when the group came after him for his embarrassing behavior. When he returned, the group member who had been watching him walked away from the set and Tracy got back to work.

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Jenna Maroney, played by Jane Krakowski

Generally, she fits into the "dumb blonde" stereotype as well as the stereotype of actresses being air headed and self-centered. Off-camera, she is conceited, frequently lies about her age and uses her "sexuality" (i.e., flirting) to get her way with men. She tries to seem smart to her fans and to the general public, even going as far as telling Life and Style magazine her favorite book is the Quran. She has also had a romantic relationship with David Blaine that ended due to his constant magic.

She is shown to be overanxious about her acting career, which is apparently failing. Paranoid about losing her job, she proves to be any easy target for anyone who wants to mess with her head, since she tends to foolishly listen to whatever anyone tells her. Liz usually has to intervene at the last moment to bring her back to reality. Jenna also finds it tough to get along with Tracy.

According to Liz Jenna's hair is dyed. Jenna stated that she was a follower of Kabbalah, which, in her words, "combines the fun part of Judaism with magic." She owns a condo in Clearwater, Florida, which implies she is also involved with Scientology.

Jenna sings as well, and she claims to be a popular Dance Pop superstar overseas, citing a track that became a major hit in a few territories in Europe (#1 in Israel and #4 in Belgium), "Muffin Top (feat. Ghostface Killah)."

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Kenneth Ellen Parcell, played by Jack McBrayer

Kenneth is a perpetually cheerful, obedient, Southern-born NBC page who "lives for television." Kenneth often acts as Tracy Jordan's personal assistant, even going so far as to get him nachos from Yankee Stadium. He is sometimes seen trying to impress or emulate Tracy, even wearing Tracy's chains when he wins them in a card game. A running gag with his character is the taking of his sandwich, which both Tracy Jordan and Jack Donaghy have done.

An awkward yet polite rube, he is always smiling, excited and happy to do his menial job, which many people do not understand. He has explained that this is because he loves television so much. His love of television and his unending devotion to the NBC network are two of his most defining character traits. He has stated that he only loves two things: "everybody and television.".

Kenneth is generally well-liked at NBC, but has a determined nemesis in Head Page Donnie, who forced him to go through a humiliating series of tasks to get a new page jacket and who worked overtime to subvert Kenneth's application to work at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Kenneth has a considerably less friendly and more violent cousin, Jesse Parcell, living in Needmore, Pennsylvania. It has been shown that Kenneth sees everyone as muppets.

In different and numerous episodes, Kenneth is shown speaking different languages, such as Mandarin, French, German and Latin. This adds on to the myth that Kenneth Parcell is older than he looks due to how fluent he seems to be in all of these languages.

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Pete Hornberger, played by Scott Adsit

Pete is a producer for the fictional television show TGS with Tracy Jordan. He works closely with head writer Liz Lemon, whom he has known for ten years. In the pilot episode, new network executive Jack Donaghy fired Pete without even consulting Liz, but she managed to convince him to hire Pete back. Like Liz and much of the show's staff, Pete was frustrated when Jack made them hire unpredictable actor Tracy Jordan as the show's new star.

Liz often confides in Pete and, at times, he seems to be the only competent person that she works with and the one who will tell it to her straight when it comes to managing her personal life. Pete has occasionally displayed a witty sense of humor, as when he called Liz "Captain Needa." Pete has a catchphrase when things go his way saying, "Yes, Hornberger!"

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Frank Rossitano, played by Judah Friedlander

Frank Rossitano is a trucker hat-wearing, childish, sarcastic writer at TGS. The character always appears wearing a trucker hat with a humorous phrase written on it, and large thick-lensed glasses. He lives with his mother and his rent money goes directly to her. Frank seems to be rather childish, lazy and libidinous. He often makes fun of and plays pranks on the other characters, such as in "Jack-tor" where he and Toofer decided to mess with neurotic Jenna Maroney by telling her about a supposed rumor that Jack was looking to fire an actor. He also seems to be clever, quick-witted and more intelligent than would appear at first glance.

Frank was the only member of the show's staff to be happy with Tracy Jordan joining the show since he is the only one who enjoys Tracy's movies (Liz was quick to point out that he also enjoys some video of a monkey smelling its buttocks). According to Jack Donaghy, he owns a copy of every issue of Black Tail magazine.

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Cerie Xerox, played by Katrina Bowden

Cerie Xerox is Liz' attractive, laid back personal assistant, who usually wears revealing outfits to work, much to the delight of the writers' room. She is also the youngest member on the show's staff but has yet to give out her age. Much of the humor associated with her character comes from the things she says to and assumes about Liz; she is always under the delusion that Liz was married. The show portrays this insensitivity as coming from her naïveté rather than any genuine malice. She does not necessarily respect her boss, politely declining Liz' request to get her coffee and instead preferring to lounge on the couch.

She is an object of desire for the mostly male staff writers on the show because of her youth and her very revealing clothing. She does not wear bras, saying her breasts hold up very well without them. Liz tries to get Cerie to tone down her attire, so as to not distract the male writers, to no avail.

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James "Toofer" Spurlock, played by Keith Powell

James "Toofer" Spurlock is a proud African-American Harvard University alumnus, and TGS writer, who often butts heads with Tracy and Frank, although he and Frank often hang out along with Lutz. He has an aversion to the stereotypical aspects of black culture that he believes are embodied by Tracy Jordan. His primary purpose on the show thus far seems to be as a foil to Tracy. According to Liz, Toofer is "afraid of black people." According to Jack, his nickname is "Toofer" because "with him you get a two-for-one; he's a black guy and a Harvard guy." Frank, with whom he shares an office, called him a "black nerd" à la Urkel. It was revealed in Season 4 that Toofer was only hired because of affirmative action and he quits in anger before he agrees to return to the writing staff.

Although Toofer appears to be a buttoned up, straight-laced professional, he is part of the boys' club atmosphere at TGS and occasionally participates in pranks with the rest of the writers, such as making Jenna believe that TGS is undergoing layoffs because of Jack's interference.

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Josh Girard, played by Lonny Ross

Josh Girard is a young and immature TGS writer and co-star, known for his impressions, who was the male star of the show before Tracy Jordan was hired. Liz found him while he was opening for a puppet. He, Tracy and Jenna Maroney were the three main actors on the show. Apparently, Josh formerly acted as a writer as well as star of the show, and was frequently seen in the writers room brainstorming, whereas Jenna and Tracy are not.

Often referred to as being a "kid", Josh is described in dialogue in a way that implies he is young, guileless and unintelligent. He is indeed typically portrayed as lacking smarts and he is often shown doing things that are considered juvenile.

Most of Josh's work on the show seems to be as an impressionist; he has performed impressions of Ray Romano, Michael Jackson, Stone Phillips, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Christopher Walken, as well as coworkers Tracy Jordan and Jack Donaghy.

This character was written out in season four.

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Dot Com, played by Kevin Brown

Walter "Dot Com" Slattery is a member of Tracy's entourage. Dot Com is Tracy's driver and cook. Dot Com is portrayed as an intellectual; he is a 1993 graduate of Wesleyan University, where he once portrayed Boris Alexeyevich Trigorin in Anton Chekhov's The Seagull. He suggests going to Las Vegas to "buy a bunch of sarcophagi" to celebrate the aid of a "de-throned prince of Nigeria," and refuses to join in on Tracy's irrational plan to escape Ridikolous (LL Cool J). He hopes to one day get an iPhone, because then "e'rybody gon' be jealous." After Jack tells him that his need to be the smartest person in any conversation is off-putting, Dot Com ruefully notes "I guess that's why I'm still single." He used to be part of Phil Spector's entourage. He and Grizz are the biggest gossips at TGS. Dot Com's father had diabetes and proclaims that he ate whatever he wanted until he "died the day [Dot Com] was born." Dot Com is in love with Grizz' fiancée, named Feyoncé. His birthday is September 21st.

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Grizz, played by Grizz Chapman

"Grizz" Griswold is a member of Tracy's entourage. Grizz is Tracy's money manager and is in charge of sitting on him when he gets overstimulated. Grizz tends to make unexpectedly emotional observations about the show's proceedings, such as "this is a really special day!" and "it's like a rollercoaster ride of emotion in here!" Grizz was entrusted with keeping Tracy's finances in order, until he invested much of his money in WorldCom. According to Tracy he is "obsessed with telecommunications," and might have been in the Navy, though Tracy Jordan was on a lying run when he mentioned it. Grizz has also been credited with teaching Tracy about anagrams. He also runs Griswold Talent Agency, which represents Adam West. Liz Lemon once sexually harassed him at Kenneth's out of control party, and Kenneth tells Liz off the next day, stating that before that party, he had "never seen Grizz or Dot Com cry." Grizz' gentle side is further reinforced when he flinches back when Kenneth, on a caffeine high, figures that the two of them have never fought. When alone with Liz, he calls her "Beth."

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Jonathan, played by Maulik Pancholy

Jonathan is Jack's loyal assistant who admires Jack and oftentimes shows overt affection for him. It appears that Jonathan is in love with Jack, similar to Waylon Smithers and Mr. Burns' relationship in The Simpsons. Jack hired him out of guilt after mistaking him for M. Night Shyamalan on an airplane. When Liz Lemon said Jack was a "bit of a stress eater," Jonathan was very defensive of him, saying "he puts up with so much," presumably referring to Jack's overbearing mother. Jonathan's ethnic background is Indian. The show has yet to give Jonathan a last name. He has a sister who was once imprisoned in a North Korean jail, who Jack had released as a Christmas gift. Jonathan has revealed that he met his "birth parents" leading to the conclusion that he is likely adopted.

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J.D. Lutz, played by John Lutz

J. D. Lutz is a lazy, overweight TGS writer who is oftentimes insulted or made fun of by the rest of the staff. He was originally from Alaska, where he hated living, and that his grandmother recently died. He has a thyroid problem. Often, when characters enter the room to make an announcement, they will yell, "Shut up, Lutz!" even though he wasn't saying anything at the time. He also mentions that he attended Oberlin College and that after his junior year there he road-tripped to SXSW.

It is suggested that Lutz is a closeted homosexual, or at least bisexual, and has shown an attraction to Danny Baker. Also, Lutz is known to wear a bra underneath his shirt, which he explains to those around him "is not what you's to support [his] breasts."

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