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Episode Guide

Here is a quick rundown on all the episodes of "30 Rock"!

Season 1

01x01 - "Pilot"
Liz Lemon is head writer for The Girlie Show, a live comedy show filmed in New York City's 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Things start to get complicated when her new boss, Jack Donaghy, insists that wild movie star Tracy Jordan join the cast.

01x02 - "The Aftermath"
Jack makes major changes to the show, renaming it TGS with Tracy Jordan and thus taking the spotlight away from Jenna Maroney. An indignant Liz struggles to keep everyone happy, but it is Tracy who saves the day by hosting a party for the entire cast and crew on a private yacht.

01x03 - "Blind Date"
Realizing that her near or total lack of a social life is having an adverse effect on her work, Jack sets Liz up on a blind date with a friend of his. Jack infiltrates the writers' weekly poker game and starts winning hands down until Kenneth the Page joins in and proves to be a surprisingly adept player.

01x04 - "Jack the Writer"
Jack decides to join Liz and her staff in the writers' room, but his lack of writing ability becomes all too evident and his presence ends up stifling the others' creativity. Tracy mentors Kenneth on how to be successful and Liz encourages Cerie, her young assistant, to dress less revealingly.

01x05 - "Jack-Tor"
Forced by Jack to plug General Electric (GE) products into the show, Liz integrates Jack himself into a self-referential sketch about product placement. Frank and Toofer trick Jenna into thinking that her job is in danger and Liz wonders if Tracy might be illiterate when he refuses to read the cue cards.

01x06 - "Jack Meets Dennis"
When Liz takes back her sleazy ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy, Jack takes it upon himself to convince her that she is headed for a life of mediocrity. Tracy is enraged when a magazine calls him "normal" and Jenna becomes worried about her age when Jack asks her how old she is.

01x07 - "Tracy Does Conan"
Jack bumps Jenna's scheduled appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and puts Tracy on in her place. To make matters worse, Tracy has gone off his medication and he is consequently acting more erratic than ever. Jack encourages bald producer Pete Hornberger to wear a wig.

01x08 - "The Break-Up"
Liz finally dumps Dennis and prowls the singles scene, where she proves to be particularly inept at picking up guys, under Jenna's tutelage. Tracy and Toofer clash, landing both in sensitivity training, and Jack dates Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

01x09 - "The Baby Show"
Cerie gets engaged so that she can be a "young hot mom", causing Liz to think about marriage and having a family. Jack has trouble dealing with his own domineering mother, who wants to move in with him, and Tracy becomes upset by Josh's impression of him.

01x10 - "The Rural Juror"
Liz and Jenna's friendship is put to the test when Liz admits that she dislikes Jenna's new independent film. To get himself out of debt, Tracy places his name on a "meat machine" that eliminates the "bread" part of sandwiches.

01x11 - "The Head and the Hair"
Two guys, one a cerebral nerd and the other a gorgeous hunk, capture the attention of Liz and Jenna. Jack and Kenneth trade places for "Bottom's Up Day" and Tracy enlists Frank and Toofer to write his autobiography in one day.

01x12 - "Black Tie"
Liz attends a foreign prince's birthday party with Jack and meets his ex-wife, who later in the episode beats up Liz. Tracy tries to convince Pete to cheat on his wife at a wild party while Kenneth encourages him not to.

01x13 - "Up All Night"
The writers struggle to pull an all-nighter on Valentine's Day. Liz receives flowers from a secret admirer, Jack gets all the way divorced after years of legal separation, Tracy tries to spend the evening with his wife, Pete forgets the holiday and Kenneth is encouraged to pursue Cerie.

01x14 - "The C Word"
After being criticized for her working habits by her co-workers, Liz decides to be more lenient with her staff and work overtime herself. Meanwhile, Jack brings Tracy to a major golf event to get closer to Don Geiss, the CEO of GE, but his plan backfires when Tracy decides to drop "truth bombs".

01x15 - "Hard Ball"
When Josh's contract comes up for negotiation, Jack tries to save money by not renewing it while Liz tries to prevent Josh from joining the cast of a rival show. Meanwhile, Tracy allows Kenneth into his entourage and Jenna gets into trouble after she is misquoted in a popular magazine.

01x16 - "The Source Awards"
Jack enlists a rap producer to unload his line of inferior champagne while Tracy reluctantly hosts the Source Awards. Liz tries to sever ties with a black man she dislikes (played by Wayne Brady) without looking racist. Ghostface Killah cameos as himself.

01x17 - "The Fighting Irish"
Jack's long-lost brother Eddie shows up and announces their father's death. Meanwhile, Liz, forced to make staff cutbacks, fires her romantic rival "Other Liz" while Tracy seeks spiritual fulfillment at his lawyer's request.

01x18 - "Firewords"
Threatened by a sneaky West Coast NBC executive, Jack enlists Kenneth to help thwart any attempts to usurp Donaghy's TV throne. Meanwhile, Tracy discovers that he is a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Liz fakes being an alcoholic to get closer to her crush.

01x19 - "Corporate Crush"
Liz has found happiness with Floyd while Jack pursues a relationship of his own with Phoebe, an eccentric Christie's auctioneer. Tracy vies for Don Geiss's attention, hoping to turn his Jefferson movie idea into a reality.

01x20 - "Cleveland"
Sick of New York and frustrated with his career, Floyd contemplates a move to the Midwest and asks Liz if she would consider leaving TGS behind. Tracy discovers that the "Black Crusaders" are after him and Jack continues to prepare for his marriage to Phoebe.

01x21 - "Hiatus"
As TGS's summer hiatus approaches, Liz deals with the difficulties of her long-distance relationship with Floyd as she tries to find Tracy, who is hiding out in the sticks with Kenneth's uncivilized cousin. Meanwhile, Jack's impending marriage brings his mother, Colleen Donaghy, to town.

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Season 2

02x01 - "SeinfeldVision"
Jack invents "SeinfeldVision", which digitally inserts Jerry Seinfeld into every NBC show and Jenna returns from hiatus overweight due to her role in Mystic Pizza: The Musical. Tracy's wife Angie kicks him out of the house, prompting Kenneth to become his "office wife".

02x02 - "Jack Gets in the Game"
Jack hears that Don Geiss may be retiring and competes with Devon Banks to be Geiss' successor. Meanwhile, Jenna begins to enjoy the fame of being fat and Kenneth tries to get Tracy and Angie back together.

02x03 - "The Collection"
Jack hires a private investigator to find any dirt GE might dig up on him. Angie decides that she will be with Tracy every moment to keep him out of trouble and Jenna is upset to find that she has started losing weight.

02x04 - "Rosemary's Baby"
Liz meets her childhood idol, comedy writer Rosemary Howard, only to discover that Rosemary is a lonely woman still clinging onto a 1970s mindset. Jack helps Tracy with some unresolved issues in a therapy session and Kenneth is forced to compete in a "page-off" to keep his job.

02x05 - "Greenzo"
Jack introduces NBC's environmental mascot, Greenzo-played by David Schwimmer. Greenzo's eco-friendly preaching gets out of hand around the TGS offices, as well as on The Today Show. Also, Kenneth is planning a house party. Knowing nobody wants to attend Tracy spreads a rumor about the party. Meanwhile, Pete reconnects with his wife Paula.

02x06 - "Somebody to Love"
Jack falls for a Democratic congresswoman named C.C. Liz thinks her new neighbor is a terrorist.

02x07 - "Cougars"
Liz goes on a date with a 20 year old coffee delivery boy while Tracy has to coach a little league baseball team. Jack takes a special interest in the team and showers them with gifts. Jack fires Tracy as a coach and replaces him with Kenneth.

02x08 - "Secrets and Lies"
Jack is very reluctant when C.C. wants to go public with their relationship. Meanwhile, Liz tries to keep Jenna and Tracy equally as happy leading Tracy to earn a fake Pacific Rim Emmy Award and Jenna to form an entourage.

02x09 - "Ludachristmas"
It is time for the annual "Ludachristmas" party for the TGS staff. Tracy is upset because he cannot participate in the party due to a court ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet. The Lemon family pay Liz a visits as does Jack's mom to him.

02x10 - "Episode 210"
Jack meets a German TV executive who is planning to buy a major cable TV network. Jack gives Liz financial advice which motivates her to invest in some real estate, but she must appear before a co-op board to buy the apartment she wants. Jack and C.C. continue with their long distance relationship. Tracy buys a cappuccino machine for TGS, which he stations at Kenneth's desk; as a result, Kenneth gets addicted to coffee.

02x11 - "MILF Island"
A TGS staff member tells The New York Post that Jack is a "Class A Moron" as the reality show he developed during the summer, MILF Island, airs its finale. Jack confines the writers to try to make the person who made the statement confess.

02x12 - "Subway Hero"
When Dennis Duffy, Liz's ex-boyfriend, becomes New York's latest local celebrity, Jack books him to appear on TGS. Dennis tries to win Liz back into his life. Meanwhile, Jack wants to find a young, hip Republican celebrity to appear at a John McCain fundraiser. Jack can only secure Bucky Bright, a TV star from the 1940s and 1950s. When Jack rejects him, he makes a friend in Kenneth, who happens to be a fan. Instead of Bucky, Jack tries to convince Tracy to become the celebrity face of the Republican Party.

02x13 - "Succession"
Don Geiss names Jack the new GE chairman over Jack's rival, Devon Banks. Jack then names Liz as his successor, as "Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming," because she "always has his back." While Liz attempts to adjust to corporate life, Geiss' health puts Jack's promotion in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Tracy, upset that his son did not invite him to Bring Your Dad to School Day, decides to leave his kids a legacy by creating a pornographic video game.

02x14 - "Sandwich Day"
Liz's ex-boyfriend Floyd contacts Liz looking for a place to stay. Jack gets demoted to the 12th floor while Liz is furious that her sandwich is stolen on TGS's annual Sandwich Day.

02x15 - "Cooter"
Jack gets a job in politics. When the job is not what he expected he schemes with another government employee, Cooter, to get fired. Jack also enlists the help of C.C., his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Liz thinks she may be pregnant. Kenneth aspires to be an NBC page at the Beijing Olympics, but Donny Lawson, the head page, is not prepared to let that happen. Tracy's invention is nearly complete.

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Season 3

03x01 - "Do-Over"
Liz tries to stop the TGS staff from ruining her chances at adoption when an adoption agency evaluator, named Bev, comes to 30 Rock to determine whether Liz would make a good mother. Jack returns from Washington D.C. and starts his job again at GE, only to discover he has been demoted. Jack tries to get his old job and office back from Devon Banks and Kathy Geiss. A feud between Tracy and Jenna wreaks havoc among the TGS staff.

03x02 - "Believe in the Stars"
To get out of jury duty, Liz flies to Chicago only to be seated next to Oprah Winfrey on her return flight to New York. An argument between Tracy and Jenna leads to a "social experiment" to prove who is right. Kenneth challenges Jack's morality after it is found out that NBC faked some Olympic events during the summer as a ratings stunt.

03x03 - "The One with the Cast of Night Court"
Liz's former roommate from Chicago, Claire Harper (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston), comes to visit her and Jenna. She develops a stalker-like obsession with Jack. Kenneth is unhappy with the new page uniforms so Tracy decides to cheer him up with the help of Night Court cast members Harry Anderson, Markie Post and Charlie Robinson.

03x04 - "Gavin Volure"
Liz meets one of Jack's friends, the eccentric businessman Gavin Volure (portrayed by Steve Martin), when the pair attend a dinner party. Gavin, after offering Jack a secret business opportunity, becomes enamored with Liz. Jack encourages the relationship until it appears that there is more to Gavin than meets the eye. Also, Kenneth invests his money in Gavin's business. Meanwhile, Tracy fears that his children, Tracy Jr. and George Foreman Jordan, are trying to kill him.

03x05 - "Reunion"
Liz goes to her high school reunion, and finds out things were not as she remembered them and more than one person is looking for revenge. Don Geiss wakes up from his coma only to give Jack less than stellar news. Jack accompanies Liz to her reunion, and after he is mistaken for a long lost alumnus, he assumes the new identity. Tracy and Jenna resent Kenneth's comedic success in the building elevator, and act on their jealousy.

03x06 - "Christmas Special"
Liz decides to help a charity for underprivileged children after her parents ditch their Christmas holiday plans. Jack's mother, Colleen, stops Jack from going on a Christmas vacation so he ends up taking his frustration out on the TGS staff. The TGS crew have to ditch their holiday plans when they are forced to produce a holiday-themed Christmas Eve special of TGS with Tracy Jordan.

03x07 - "Señor Macho Solo"
Jenna is concerned when Liz becomes attracted to a new man. Jack tries to help Tracy and Angie Jordan organize a "post-nup" agreement and Jenna auditions for a Janis Joplin biographical film. Jack finds a new love in the form of Elisa, his mother's nurse.

03x08 - "Flu Shot"
When Liz is offered a flu shot over the rest of the TGS crew, Liz campaigns for her staff's right to get flu shots from Dr. Spaceman, but Jack will not allow it. Tracy and Jenna, unsuccessfully, try to help the ill crew. Since Elisa is working seven days a week, Jack tries to think of creative ways for spending time with her.

03x09 - "Retreat to Move Forward"
Liz accompanies Jack to his corporate retreat. Meanwhile, Frank helps Jenna prepare for her role as Janis Joplin. Kenneth helps Tracy through a diabetes scare.

03x10 - "Generalissimo"
Liz meets her newly single, handsome neighbor, Dr. Drew Baird, after receiving his mail by mistake. Elisa's grandmother disapproves of her granddaughter's relationship with Jack due to his striking resemblance to a telenovela villain, named the Generalissimo. Tracy goes partying with the new TGS interns, who previously worked on Wall Street until the economic crash of 2008, but he refuses to admit that he cannot keep up with them.

03x11 - "St. Valentine's Day"
Liz insists on having her first official date with Drew on Valentine's Day. Jack has to spend his Valentine's Day at church with Elisa. Tracy tries to help Kenneth win the affection of a new TGS crew member named Jennifer.

03x12 - "Larry King"
Jack considers taking the next step in his relationship with Elisa. As the stock markets in Asia plunge, Tracy causes mayhem across New York City during an appearance on Larry King Live. Liz and Kenneth take a trip out to Queens to retrieve her lost cell phone from a extortionist cab driver.

03x13 - "Goodbye, My Friend"
Liz tries to adopt the baby of a pregnant teen. Jenna tries to alert the TGS crew that it is her birthday so the crew decide to throw a party for both Jenna and Tracy. Frank goes on a "guy's night out" with Jack and tells Jack about his daddy issues when they connect during a viewing of the film Harry and the Hendersons.

03x14 - "The Funcooker"
Liz has to leave Jack and the rest of the TGS cast and crew unmanaged when she has to do jury duty.

03x15 - "The Bubble"
Liz learns that Drew's charm has led to him getting a lot of special treatment. Jack attempts to renegotiate Tracy's contract and Jenna gets a new hairstyle to try and capture the public's attention.

03x16 - "Apollo, Apollo"
On his 50th birthday, Jack tries to recreate some of his favorite memories from the past. Dennis Duffy returns to make a confession to Liz and Jenna; a confession which causes the pair to argue. Kenneth and Pete try to help Tracy fulfil his childhood dream.

03x17 - "Cutbacks"
The crew get excited upon the broadcast of the 50th episode of TGS. The excitement is short lived when Jack announes that NBC is making budget cuts. Tracy and Jenna are convinced that Kenneth is keeping a dark secret.

03x18 - "Jackie Jormp-Jomp"
During her short-term suspension, Liz is lost without TGS and the stress that comes with her job. Jack works with Jenna so she can use her celebrity status to generate some promotional buzz for her Janis Joplin bio-film.

03x19 - "The Ones"
Jack goes shopping for an engagement ring, for Elisa, with Liz. Elisa tells Liz a secret, and a prank results in an injury back at TGS. Tracy gets a tattoo for his and Angie's anniversary and Jenna gets attracted to a night-shift paramedic.

03x20 - "The Natural Order"
When Liz reprimands Tracy in front of the TGS staff, Tracy asks Liz to stop giving him preferential treatment. Liz agrees, but Tracy thinks that Liz should give up some of her privileges also. Jack remembers some unpleasant memories of his father after his mother, Colleen, visits. Jenna adopts a pet gibbon.

03x21 - "Mamma Mia"
Liz and Tracy encourage Jack to search for his real father. Tracy meets his new found illegitimate son, but Liz and Pete question the son's intentions. Jenna takes the credit for one of Liz's ideas.

03x22 - "Kidney Now!"
Jack's biological father's health hangs in the balance as the pair start to build a relationship. Liz draws some attention as a relationship expert, despite her own many failed relationships, after an appearance on a talk show. Tracy is invited to speak at his old high school and Kenneth helps him overcome some embarrassing memories from those years. Jack plans a charity song featuring several celebrities in order to find a kidney donor for his father, Milton Green.

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Season 4

04x01 - "Season 4"
Jack, worried that TGS has become too elitist, asks Jenna and Tracy to try and connect more with the common people. In addition, he sends Liz on a search for a new actor to join the TGS cast. Liz recruits Pete to help her and the pair try to keep their search private but it is ultimately revealed, upsetting the cast and crew. Meanwhile Kenneth leads an NBC page protest over a bonus check that Jack receives.

04x02 - "Into the Crevasse"
The male employees of TGS are angry with Liz for damage done to their personal relationships due to a relationship-advice book Liz wrote. Tracy's wife kicks him out of the house over things she reads in Liz's book, and he moves in with Liz as revenge. Jack faces Congressional hearings on the microwave industry and is surprised to find Devon Banks has begun working for the government. Devon threatens to ruin Jack's career and Jack acts quickly to try and redesign the microwave to make the division profitable again.

04x03 - "Stone Mountain"
Jack and Liz travel to Kenneth's home town of Stone Mountain, Georgia to find a new actor for TGS who will appeal to middle America. Jenna, worried a new actor will steal her spotlight, tries to befriend the TGS writers to ensure her continued success. Meanwhile, after two other celebrities die Tracy fears for his life when he hears that celebrities tend to die in groups of three.

04x04 - "Audition Day"
Liz and Pete attempt to rig TGS auditions to guarantee that their preferred candidate will be selected by Jack. The "Hornberger Method" of candidate selection is disrupted when Liz allows Dot Com to audition. Jack learns a valuable lesson about humanity when he becomes infected with bedbugs.

04x05 - "The Problem Solvers"
The new cast member , Jack "Danny" Baker (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson), arrives on set and learns the intricacies of the show. Meanwhile Jack offers Liz a chance to create a television pilot based on her "Dealbreakers" sketch but Liz decides to search for other offers. In addition, after offering some advice Tracy and Jenna decide to solve other problems of the cast and crew. Finally, Kenneth grows annoyed as the cast members begin to ask less of him.

04x06 - "Sun Tea"
Jack puts Kenneth in charge of reducing TGSs carbon footprint. Meanwhile, Liz learns her apartment is becoming a condo and tries to kick out the resident above her. Jack and Tracy reevaluate fatherhood. The episode includes a special guest appearance of former Vice President Al Gore playing himself.

04x07 - "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001"
Liz starts her first day on her Dealbreakers talk show and appoints Frank as the head writer, who enjoys his new found status until he starts to act and dress more like Liz. Meanwhile, Tracy tries to achieve an EGOT by winning the four awards: an Emmy, a Grammy, a Oscar, and a Tony with a song that gets featured on a TV Show, then a movie based on the TV show, and then a musical based on that movie.

04x08 - "Secret Santa"
Liz tries to find the best gift for Jack on Christmas until Jack decides to exchange gifts that don't cost money. Pete tries to get back at Jenna for not chipping in to tip the cleaning ladies, by giving Danny (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson) Jenna's solo, but instead Danny decides to share it with her. Meanwhile, the TGS writers come up with a fake religion to try and get out of Kenneth's "Secret Santa".

04x09 - "Klaus and Greta"
After a crazy New Year's Eve party, Jack leaves a message on Nancy Donovan's answering machine and decides to break into her house with Kenneth, while she is on vacation. Jenna starts up a fake relationship with James Franco in order to counteract rumors that he is in love with a Japanese body pillow. Meanwhile, Liz accidentally outs her cousin at her New Year's Eve party, so he decides to live with her in New York.

04x10 - "Black Light Attack!"
Liz and the new cast member Danny (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson) start up a romantic relationship much to Jack's dismay, and decides to break them apart so he can hang more with Danny. Jenna auditions for a role on Gossip Girl as a college freshman when actually she is auditioning for the role of her mother. Meanwhile, so he can gain more learning experience with women, Tracy decides to add Sue to his entourage.

04x11 - "Winter Madness"
Liz decides to take the TGS on a road trip to Miami to cure their winter madness but instead Jack decides to take them to Boston so he can visit Nancy. While on the trip, the TGS crew blame Liz for all their problems so she comes up with a fake person named "Dale Snitterman" and tells them it's all his fault for all their misfortunes, unbeknownst to Liz that he is real and the crew decide to pay him a visit.

04x12 - "Verna"
Frank moves in with Liz for a while, and they both decide to make a pact to give up their bad habits: Frank's smoking and Liz's eating junk food. Meanwhile, Jenna's mother Verna come to visit, and Jenna turns to Jack for help until she is convinced that her mother has changed, but Jack believes Verna has an ulterior motive for coming to New York and reconciling with her daughter.

04x13 - "Anna Howard Shaw Day"
To avoid feeling lonely on Valentine's Day, Liz schedules a dentist appointment, but soon realizes the consequences. Meanwhile, Jack meets a successful and attractive CNBC host. Elsewhere, Jenna is frustrated when her stalker finally loses interest.

04x14 - "Future Husband"
Liz finds a mysterious number in her phone under the name "Future Husband." Jack learns that Don Geiss has died and that NBC is about to be bought by cable company Kabletown. Tracy stages a one-man show in an attempt to win a Tony award.

04x15 - "Don Geiss, America and Hope"
Liz attempts to avoid Wesley after they fail to hit it off, but fate seems to want them together. Jack deals with the impending purchase of NBC. Tracy does damage control after his former nanny publishes a tell-all book.

04x16 - "Floyd"
Liz accidentally causes her alcoholic ex-boyfriend to relapse after he tells her that he's getting married. Jack and Danny team up against the writers in a prank war. Kenneth's anecdotes give Tracy and Jenna nightmares.

04x17 - "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter"
Jack struggles to choose between Nancy and Avery. Toofer quits after he learns that he was hired as part of affirmative action. Jenna becomes Liz's wingman when she attends singles' events.

04x18 - "Khonani"
Liz is offended when she learns that her employees hang out outside of work but don't invite her. Jack distracts himself from his romantic problems by attempting to resolve a dispute between two janitors.

04x19 - "Argus"
Jack receives a peculiar gift from the late Don Geiss.

04x20 - "The Moms"
TGS celebrates Mother's Day by having the moms of its cast and stuff arrive, but not without advice for Liz. Jack, meanwhile, must deal with a visiting Colleen, who begins to meddle in his relationships with Avery and Nancy.

04x21 - "Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land"
Colleen's advice rings true to Liz as she searches through the men in her past to find Mr. Right - and a date to Floyd's wedding. Jack's relationships with Avery and Nancy come to a head as he realizes the time has come to reveal the truth to Nancy, but the method of how is questionable.

04x22 - "I Do Do"
Liz meets the man of her dreams; Jack's love triangle comes to a head; Kenneth tries to avoid a promotion that would send him to Los Angeles; and Jenna's new relationship may be ruined after her boyfriend falls for another woman.

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Season 5

05x01 - "The Fabian Strategy"
Determined to help Liz keep a man for once, Jack meddles in her relationship with Carol. While at home, Jack struggles to compromise with Avery as she redecorates his apartment. Tracy has trouble coming to grips with Kenneth getting fired and Jenna becomes one of the newest TGS producers.

05x02 - "When It Rains, It Pours"
Liz is surprised that more men have been noticing her, Jenna explains that she is coming off as more confident because of her new relationship. In turn, Liz uses her confidence to solve Pete's problem with a persnickety editor. Meanwhile, Jack decides he must cheat mortality in order to teach his and Avery's unborn son how to live. Elsewhere, Tracy is determined to be there when his wife gives birth, and a mystery man is making sure Kenneth's work at TGS is still getting done.

05x03 - "Let's Stay Together"
Jack must appear before Congress to discuss NBC's merger with KableTown. He hopes that he will charm celebrity members, but one Congresswoman demands more diversity in its programming lineup. Jack quickly enlists Tracy to come up with some new development ideas. Meanwhile, Liz is fed up with the criticism her writing staff gives her, and finally Jenna helps Kenneth reapply in the competitive page program.

05x04 - "The Live Show"
On show night, Liz Lemon grows increasingly infuriated when no one seems to remember that it's her 40th birthday. Just before the taping, Tracy Jordan becomes convinced that nothing is funnier than a performer laughing and breaking character, which he elects to do all night, much to Jenna Maroney's chagrin. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy struggles with the consequences of his promise to give up drinking while Avery is pregnant.

05x05 - "Reaganing"
Jack is having a perfect day and succeeding at every task. He tries to channel his winning streak into helping Liz figure out her relationship with Carol. Meanwhile, Jenna and Kenneth enlist the help of Kelsey Grammer (guest starring as himself) to pull off an ice cream scam. Elsewhere, Tracy is trying to shoot a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club.

05x05 - "Gentleman's Intermission"
Avery makes Jack set up some boundaries when it comes to his friendship with Liz. At the same time, Liz gets a surprise visit from her father Dick Lemon. Meanwhile, Tracy asks Kenneth's help to remake his pre-produced video obituary, and when Jenna learns of this, she decides to make a video of her own.

05x06 - "Brooklyn Without Limits"
Jack tries to influence a congressional election in favor of a particular candidate for the benefit of the network. Meanwhile, Liz has newfound confidence when Jenna helps her find the perfect pair of jeans. At the same time, Jenna helps Tracy plan a Golden Globe event.

05x07 - "College"
Jack worries that GE's microwave sales have improved too much without his help and tries to find glitches in their newest design. Meanwhile, Liz partakes in a crew lottery despite Jenna and Tracy's warning her not to do so. Elsewhere, the TGS writers discover that Jack is the voice of an online dictionary's pronunciation guide.

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