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Cop Out

James "Jimmy" Monroe (Bruce Willis) and Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan), cops working for the NYPD, are celebrating their ninth year together as partners. After failing to capture Juan Diaz (Cory Fernandez) and for causing a disastrous neighborhood shootout and beating up a kid, a heartless police captain suspends them without pay refusing to care about Jim's feelings for his daughter's wedding. Jimmy's daughter Ava (Michelle Trachtenberg) is getting married, and the price for the wedding is close to fifty thousand dollars. Though his ex-wife Pam's second husband Roy (Jason Lee) offers to pay for the wedding, Jimmy is determined to find a way to come up with the money so that Roy won't humiliate him. Paul is worried that his wife Debbie (Rashida Jones) is cheating on him, so he sets up a secret video camera in a teddy bear.

While Jimmy is selling a 1952 Andy Pafko baseball card to pay for the wedding, Paul is calling Debbie. Jimmy is robbed by Dave (Seann William Scott), who steals his card and Paul's favorite gun whilst robbing the shop Jimmy was selling his card to. They find out that Dave is going to rob a house that night, so they stake out the house to retrieve the card and gun. Paul arrests Dave and discovers he has sold the card and gun for drugs.

Jimmy previews the tape from Paul's hidden camera and finds what looks to be Debbie and another man, but tells Paul there's nothing on it. They go to the dealer, Poh Boy (Guillermo Díaz), who tells them they may have the card if they retrieve a stolen car. When they find the car, they discover a distressed woman named Gabriela (Ana de la Reguera) in the trunk. Paul then sees the tape from his hidden camera and is heartbroken when he sees that Jimmy has lied: Debbie is with another man in their bedroom. Gabriela reveals that she's the mistress of a murdered drug lord who was kidnapped by Poh Boy's gang. Not wanting to get Jimmy and Paul hurt, she flees, leaving for them a flashdrive concealed in a cross, which contains information about offshore bank accounts. Jimmy and Paul pay Dave's bail so that he may retrieve the card and gun, but he falls out of a tree and apparently dies. Jimmy goes in to retrieve the card, but is surrounded by the gang. At the same time, Paul learns that Debbie is not cheating on him after all: she has played a trick on him for hiding the camera in their bedroom.

After killing most of the gang, Jimmy and Paul found Poh Boy holding Gabriela at gunpoint. They shot him dead, but Paul's bullet goes through the head of the baseball player on Jimmy's card, which is hidden in Poh Boy's shirt pocket. Pleased with the duo's investigation and assisting two colleagues who were caught in the shootout, the precinct chief restores Jimmy and Paul to active duty and gives them commendations.

Dejected at the destruction of his card, Jimmy lets Roy pay for the wedding, but Paul discreetly points his pistol at Roy and orders him to sit down at the moment the priest calls out the father who would give away Ava. During the closing credits, it is revealed that Dave did not die in the fall when he pulls a prank on the coroner opening the body bag by doing one of his knock-knock jokes.

Source: Wikipedia