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International Glory
Subject: The FIFA World Cup fanlisting
Opened: 2014-08-10

The approved fanlisting for the FIFA World Cup tournament held every four years!

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Here you can view all the fanlistings that I currently own. All of the listings here are listed at The Fanlisting Network and The Namelisting Network. If you find a subject that you are a fan of, don't hesistate to join!

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Boyish Charm

The Matt Lanter fanlisting
Category: Actors
Opened: October 04th, 2010
Updated: December 06th, 2018
8 (+0) members
Actor, model, former reality TV star born on April's Fool. No joke. Besides, how can you not get lost in those baby-blue eyes?


The Tracy Morgan fanlisting
Category: Actors
Opened: February 03rd, 2012
Updated: December 06th, 2018
10 (+0) members
The Tracy Morgan fanlisting

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