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Who is Luis Fonsi?

Born Luis Alfonso Rodríguez on April 15, 1978, in San Juan, Puerto Rico; he was nicknamed "Fonsi" since the day he was born. He is the eldest of three children. He showed his musical inclination since he was very young. When he was six years old, Fonsi entered the prestigious Coro de los Niños de San Juan, where he studied for 4 years, until his family moved to Orlando, Florida when he was 10.

He entered the Dr. Phillip's High School in Orlando, FL in 1991. Fonsi, along with three friends, Joey Fatone (ex *NSYNC band member), Joel Herman and Erik Garbus, formed the a cappella singing group "The Big Guys". They sang 50's doo-wop music at school parties and local festivities. In one occation, they were invited to sing the US National Anthem during an Orlando Magic basketball game, in front of 16,000 people.

In 1995, Luis Fonsi got a scholarship to study in the Florida State University in Tallahassee, majoring in "Vocal Performance", taking classes in theory, musical appreciation, singing and composition. He also joined the university's choir, where he made his first tours, being the most important of them all when he went to London and sang with the Birmingham Sinfonic Orquestra. At the same time, he started recording demos in English.

Luis Fonsi's destiny changed when he decided to record a demo in Spanish. In the studio there was the head of Universal Latin's A&R who was very impressed with the vocal capacity of Fonsi, and in the matter of days they had signed a contract.

In 1998, his first album, Comenzaré, was released. With his album debut, which was #1 in Puerto Rico, Fonsi became winner of various musical awards including: Gold Record certified by the Recording Industries Association of America (RIAA), Best New Artist Male Pop by the Globe Awards, Tú Música, Farándula and Paoli in Puerto Rico, and nominated by Billboard magazine as Best New Artist of the Year.

In June of 2000, his second album, Eterno, was released under the production of Rudy Perez. Alongside Perez, we find the reknown US producer Viet Renn. Luis Fonsi debuts with this album as a songwriter with "Mi Sueño". Not only did he write the track, but was also involved in the production and the arrangements. In this album, Luis Fonsi includes 2 songs in English, with which the singer hopes to iniciate his crossover in the Anglo market. In less than a month after this album hit the stores, Luis Fonsi received a Gold Record for 100,000 copies sold.

Luis Fonsi has sang duets with singers Jaci Velázquez, Christina Aguilera, Laura Pausini, european singer Cindy Morgan, Olga Tañon (his musical god-mother) and with Noel Sjarish (from Sin Bandera), David Bisbal and Aleks Syntek, with whom he sings "Aquí Estoy Yo" on his 2008 album, Palabras del Silencio.

His first English debut album, Fight the Feeling, was released July 2, 2002. There are no plans for another English album anytime soon.

Today Luis Fonsi counts with an infinity of plans for his future. Between all the singers that exist today in the market, it's the unmistakable Latin soul of Luis Fonsi that allows him to settle himself down as a vocalist of a different character.

» Discography:

  • Comenzaré (1998)
  • Eterno (2000)
  • Amor Secreto (2002)
  • Fight the Feeling (2002)
  • Abrazar La Vida (2003)
  • Paso A Paso (2005)
  • Éxitos 98:06 (2006)

» Other Productions:

  • Remixes (CD: 2001)
  • Luis Fonsi Live (DVD: 2004)
  • Éxitos 98:06 (DVD: 2006)
  • Palabras del Silencio Tour DVD (in the works)

» Online: