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Webcomic Multiplex:

Multiplex is a bi-weekly online comic strip about the staff of a fictional movie theater, Multiplex 10, written and illustrated by Gordon McAlpin. The comic, which first debuted on July 10, 2005, follows the many unique employees and customers of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas. Many of the strips revolve around how the staff interacts with their customers, while others deal with what happens with the staff after the cinema has closed.

Unlike traditional comic strips, Multiplex has no set format when it comes to the number of panels or the length of each strip. Although the strips usually do not follow story arcs, they can often show a canonical connectivity. Multiplex officially updates every Monday and Thursday, but the author has been known to put in extra strips during the week when he has extra time or wants to finish a strip that was too large to put together in a week's time. Multiplex is illustrated digitally using Adobe Illustrator.

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