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Fanlistings... what?!

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Shay Carl... who?!

"I have been looking my whole life for what I am going to do when I grow up. I have had about 20 different jobs. Every time I changed careers I would think to myself... "Ok this is the one" but they would never stick. About a year ago a good friend named Jamey looked at me and said "You have got to get your comedy out there" I thought how? About 3 months later I got a job as a radio DJ and started making videos on You Tube." - ShayCarl

ShayCarl is a comedian and YouTuber, producing videos for his three YouTube channels: ShayCarl, ShayTards and ShayLoss, being the ShayTard's channel one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, where he films a daily vlog (video diary) of his life and his family: wife, Katilette and their four children which they have nicknamed Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard and Rocktard, to keep their identities safe. In 2009, ShayTards won the "Best YouTube Channel or Personality" category of Mashable's Open Web Awards.

ShayCarl was an evening DJ for radio station KFTZ in Idaho when video blogger Philip DeFranco held a contest for which ShayCarl posted a video response. DeFranco saw the video and decided to promote ShayCarl's content, boosting the number of views for the ShayCarl channel. He left KFTZ during the summer of 2009 and moved to Los Angeles to enter into business with other YouTubers in a video platform known as The Station. In November 2009, ShayCarl appeared in a flash mob which used Midi Mafia's PHamous as a backing track.

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