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International Glory
Subject: The FIFA World Cup fanlisting
Opened: 2014-08-10

The approved fanlisting for the FIFA World Cup tournament held every four years!

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I am not associated with nor am I any celebrity you may see on this site. I am just a fan, and this is just a fan effort. This is a non-profit website and no copyright infringement is intended. Please click here for a full list of resources.

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lesser-known, adj:
not as well-known as others of the same kind.

As it has been stated before around here, this site is a fanlisting collective -- a place where I group all the fanlistings I've created and those I have joined. If the term fanlisting is new to you, let me school you in on something:

an online list of fans of a subject, such as a actor, musician, movie created by an individual. It is free for anyone to join, as long as you're a fan of the subject.

Honestly, you wouldn't be a fan of something you dislike, right?

I don't remember how I actually got into this whole fanlisting craze, but it must have been somewhere between 2002-2003. The first fanlisting I ever created was circa 2003 for the tv show JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment that I co-owned with Sacha.

About a year later, I had created about four more or so fanlistings, and got hosted with Camilla until she closed down her site, which was when Kya welcomed me to her hosting site. :) I was hosted with Kya until mid-2013 when she closed down her hosting site, which prompted me to buy this domain.

So, feel free to look around, and if you find that you enjoy the same things as I do, or are a fan of some of the subjects listed on this site (whether I own the listing or not), feel free to join. It'll just take a couple of seconds. But beware, it may become addictive...