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Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley (born June 8, 1975) is an American Internet celebrity, comedian and vlogger. Noted for his vlog What the Buck?!, Buckley comments on popular culture events and celebrities. He also maintains one of YouTube's most popular channels with several million viewers each month. Buckley "broke all records" of YouTube ratings when four of his shows ended up on the week's ten top-rated videos. He has appeared in magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times discussing Internet entrepreneurship and The Advocate discussing homophobia on the Internet. On March 18, 2008, he won a 2007 YouTube Awards for best commentary with the video "LonelyGirl15 is Dead!"

Buckley is openly gay and lives with his husband, also named Michael, in Connecticut with their five dogs Ellie, George, Colin, Buddy and Lucy. He has a twin sister, Debbie, who gave birth to a girl in mid April 2011. To show his fans his "softer side", Buckley began to vlog about their home life on his peron75 YouTube channel, and also appears live on BlogTV.

In June 2010, Buckley had Lasik eye surgery, but continues to wear empty frames in order to keep his appearance the same and to placate fans who see the glasses as part of his image. Buckley posted a video of his surgery on YouTube, in which he repeated his pledge to continue wearing his glasses on "What the Buck" - though he sometimes appears without them during his BlogTV shows.

What the Buck?!

What the Buck?! began as a small weekly segment on Table for Two and gave him "a chance to riff and rant on his own." His cousin then posted some on YouTube and "it snowballed." Buckley started building a following on MySpace and started his YouTube channel in May 2006, with his main focus centered on celebrities and pop culture, often satirizing and parodying them. On September 11, 2008, he quit his low-paying day job as an administrative assistant for Live Nation, a music promotion company and is now earning more money as an online entertainer. Edge Boston summarized his work as: "Three or four times a week, he uploads his slickly made commentaries on celebrities and pop culture that are amongst the snarkiest to be found on the web." His high-energy and rapid-fire delivery and style has been described as being "irreverent, fast-talking, pop-culture-obsessed"; he has been likened to "a living can of Red Bull." He is one of the most subscribed vloggers rising to be the second most popular comedian within the first five months of posting.

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